We Monetise Your Content
You Earn Again & Again & Again

How it works

Bubbles monetises your content allowing your visitors to start shopping without having to leave your site.
Your visitors indicate their interest – the Bubbles Personal Shopper hunts down the BEST products at the BEST prices.
Whether now, days or even weeks later when your reader, the shopper, is ready to buy you earn a commission.
....and BEST of all when your visitor continues to buy via the
BUBBLES SHOPPING NETWORK you'll keep receiving commissions

Why is it better?

Your content is aligned to the BEST products to maximise sales
We provide a
‘content-to-sale’ attribution solution
The only affiliate programme to offer a Personal Shopper feature
We turn your content – words, phrases, titles into revenue generating assets
We track sales even when multiple devices are used to shop
Your readers can start shopping without even leaving your website
We don’t distract your visitors from reading your content
The Bubbles Shopping Network offers the BEST prospects for sales
With the Bubbles Affiliate Programme, tracking sales is NOT cookie dependent

Earn More

You keep earning when your visitor makes repeat purchases.
You earn even if the purchase is made many weeks later.
Whether or not it’s a product featured in your site a sale earns you commission.

Who's selling

A small selection of merchants selling through the Bubbles Affiliate Programme.