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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Bubbles?

    Bubbles helps you find the products you want for less.

  • How can I use Bubbles to find the best product for less?

    Search for what you want, narrow down the results by selecting favourites (stored in ‘my favourites’). The Bubbles Personal Shopper will keep searching for better prices reporting its successes online and via email. Use Save Me Money and Find me a Bargain (see below) for more ways to buy products for less.

  • What is Save Me Money?

    The goal of Bubbles is to save you money by finding the perfect product for your need at the lowest price. The Save Me Money feature compares your chosen product against others in the same category, similar products but costing less. Use this feature to earn more Smart Points (see below).

  • What is Find me a Bargain?

    We all love a bargain, products with a generous discount, so it’s great that Bubbles has tens of thousands on offer. After entering your search select ‘Find Me a Bargain’ located in the blue Personal Shopper control panel at the bottom of your screen. The products listed will show discounts of at least 5% or more. Scroll down for higher savings – in some cases as high as 90%.

  • Where can I see my previous searches?

    To view favourited products and your search history select ‘my favourites’ located in the top header or in the Personal Shopper control panel. The page will load with an update of your searches to show price / stock changes and any new product matches. We’ll also identify the bargains we’ve found relevant to your search / favourited product(s).

  • How can I save the products I’m interested in?

    Enter your search or locate the product by department. Select the ‘favourites’ star to add a product into your ‘favourites’ list. You can remove any favourited product by clicking the orange star or select ‘I don’t like this product’.

  • Can I remove products?

    Yes. Simply select ‘I don’t like this product’. If the product is one of your favourites this will also remove the product from your ‘favourites’ list.

  • What are the benefits of registration?

    Registration, which is free, allows your Personal Shopper to keep looking for the products you want at lower prices. We can email you with results, alert you when we find bargains matching your search and award you with Smart Points.

  • I have not registered so why is an account created after making a purchase?

    We are required to register a sale which provides details of the transaction, to include your name, email address, shipping address and any associated costs, product details to include the sellers details and order date. These details are stored in an account in your name and against the email address as submitted at the time of the order. Any Smart Points awarded for the transaction are additionally stored in the account.

  • What devices work with Bubbles?

    All connected devices, including PCs, MACs, tablets (such as iPads) and smartphones (iPhones, Galaxy, Lumia, Nexus, HTC One etc).

  • What are Smart Points?

    Every time you make a purchase on or via Bubbles we will reward you with Smart Points. Smart Points will be redeemable through Smart Rewards - a range of everyday products personally selected by our staff.

  • How are Smart Points calculated?

    Bubbles shares the commission paid by our retailers to award points. Since the commission rate varies the amount of points awarded will also vary.

  • How can I earn more Smart Points?

    Extra points are awarded when shoppers use the services of Bubbles to help find the best product at the lowest price. It’s therefore a double win - pay less and earn more Smart Points!

  • How can I change my contact details?

    Click on your name in the header (top right) for a dropdown and select ‘Profile’. Here you can change your name, email address and password.

  • Where can I find my order history and any Smart Points I’ve been awarded?

    Click on your name in the header (top right) for a dropdown and select ‘Profile’. Select Order history or Smart Points as required.

  • How can I stop email updates?

    Click on your name in the header (top right) for a dropdown and select ‘Profile’. In the panel untick ‘Email me when there are updates to my shopping searches’.

  • How can I close my account?

    Contact providing the name of the account. We can only accept requests from accounts sharing the email address registered in the accounts name.

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