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Bleach: Complete Series 8

Bleach: Complete Series 8

£39.99 £14.99
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The complete eighth series of the Japanese anime, comprising episodes 152-167. Ichigo (voice of Masakazu Morita) and his friends are engaged in fierce fighting against the guardians of Aizen's labyrinthine stronghold in Hueco Mundo. Ichigo struggles to make progress against Dordoni (Kouji Ishii) while his companions begin to encounter the fearsome Espada, Aizen's most powerful warriors. The episodes are: 'Ichigo Strikes Back! This Is My Bankai', 'The Devilish Research! Szayelaporro's Plan', 'Rukia and Kaien, the Sorrowful Reunion', 'Rukia Retaliates! Release the Desperate Kido', 'Ishida and Pesche, the United Attack of Friendship?', 'Ishida's Trump Card, the Cutter of Souls', 'Right Arm of the Giant, Left Arm of the Devil', 'Yasutora Sado Dies! Orihime's Tears', 'Testament, Your Heart Is Right Here...', 'The Cruel Arrancar, Ulquiorra's Provocation', 'Szayelaporro Laughs, the Net Trapping Renji Is Complete', 'Shinigami and Quincy, the Battle of Madness', 'Ishida's Strategy, the 20-Second Offense and Defense', 'Murderous Intent! The Joyful Grimmjow', 'Desperate Effort Vs Desperate Effort! The Hollowfied Ichigo' and 'The Moment of Conclusion, the End of Grimmjow'.
Product ID:
Bubbles Product Code: 13298574
Condition: New, packed / sealed
Sold by HMV
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