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Renkforce RF100 3D printer incl. filament

Renkforce RF100 3D printer incl. filament

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The Renkforce RF100 offers a complete package, perfect for the novice in the world of 3D Printing.The all-around worry-free beginners packageThe RF 100 is shipped as a completely assembled unit with everything you need to get started included in delivery. The RF100 offers the flexibility to be controlled with the included software by your PC or using the integrated LCD display. Printing can be done with a PC/Laptop connected to the unit or simply direct from the SD card without any cables needed.Let your imagination run wild.The included SD card gives you immediate access to over 100 print-ready models. Additionally, a virtually endless number of 3D models from decorative, to useful, to borderline genius can be downloaded over specialized platforms on the internet. You can create your own 3D models by using CAD-software like DesignCAD 3D Print or scanning existing objects with a 3D scanner. (Software and scanner are not included in delivery.)Comfortable and simple operationThrough the use of the multi-functional button, operating the RF100 3D Printer is intuitive and allows for a comfortable navigation though the logically structured menu. The concise and user-friendly printing software CURA make preparations (slicing) and printing 3D models child's play. The software also offers advanced functions as needed for the monitoring and control of the printing process.Reliable and DurableThe RF100 is constructed out of aluminium and steel to be especially rigid and robust. The use of plastic was avoided when possible allowing the RF100 to reach a level of durability and steadfastness unique to it within its class. The stable construction ensures for high quality printing and a long life..Always be in control of your printing.The building platform with enough room to create object up to 10 x 10 x 10 cm is well lit with its white LED lighting. This way the progress of the printing process can be monitored in detail. The building bed of glass is firmly affixed with magnetic connectors allowing for simple removal of the finished product. You can comfortably collect the finished model with your hand. A specialized, layered foil ensures an extraordinary layer-adhesion. Using the included tools, you models can be easily collected an separated from the printing plate.A variety of filaments provide diversity.The filament is the material the 3D printer uses to create your models. The RF100 can utilize a large range of filaments. Not only can the standard material, PLA, be used but also PLA compounds, meaning material that are made with PLA as a base component and an additional material and as a result alters the characteristics of the final product. The RF100 can use PLA-compounds with wood, copper, bronze and brass components. The wood filament, for example, smells like fresh cut wood as a result of the wood fibres. By changing the printing temperature, you can affect the colour intensity lighter or darker creating an effect like the rings of a tree. Also in the range of the PLA-compounds are glow-in-the-dark (florescent) as well as temperature-based colour-changing filaments. The RF100 can also use elastic filaments (a sample pack is included). The RF100 has an open filament-system meaning that 1.75mm filament from any manufacturer can be used and you are not restricted to a single brand. For the best results, the Renkforce filaments are recommended. A 250g roll of original Renkforce PLA and a sample pack of PLA-compound materials (wood, copper and elastic - 50g each) filaments are included so you can test them for yourself.Get started now!Allow the RF100 and its boundless possiblities inspire you! What are you waiting for?
Product ID:
Bubbles Product Code: 21288967
Condition: New, packed / sealed
Sold by Conrad Electronic
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