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VOLTCRAFT AT-1000 NV Series transformers AT-1000 NV 115/125/230/240 Vac

VOLTCRAFT AT-1000 NV Series transformers AT-1000 NV 115/125/230/240 Vac

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Connecting transformers to the operations of US-American devices at 230, V-mains or of 230 V devices on US-American mains (115 V), Due to the different mains voltages and connection systems this has been almost impossible up to now. This series autotransformer overcomes this technical obstacle. Input side is for connection to cold connector. Output side has USA socket and earthed socket (both with contact protection). These series transformers also have an automatic test function for connecting devices correctly and safely to the mains supply.
Product ID:
Bubbles Product Code: 5150665
Condition: New, packed / sealed
Sold by Conrad Electronic
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